Organic Soybeans, Grains and Soymeal

Through our large network of organic growers and producers we have access to high quality organic grains for food or for feed usage. 

All the organic grains (Corn and Soybeans) and organic soybean meal are delivered in 20 foot containers to any destination worldwide.  Please note that we can also supply through our different partners in USA and Canada the following organic products:

  • Wheat
  • Canola meal
  • Corn
  • Oats
  • Lentils
  • Peas

Organic Soybean Meal

Organic soybean meal is sold to food processing companies across the world.


Contact us if you have a specific request for organic grains and we'll help you find what you are looking for at the best price.

Organic soybeans and Organic soybean meal